Masaza Cup Football Tournament

The Masaza Cup is an Annual Football Tournament that was revived in 2004 by His Majesty The Kabaka of Buganda. It is organized by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Recreation in conjunction with Majestic Brands Limited and regulated as per the rules and regulations that govern football in Uganda.The tournament runs for four months from June to September and is graced by over 30,000 spectators at the stadium. In 2020 , the scientific tournament attracted a virtual audience of over 500,000 viewers across the BBS social platforms.

Over the years this tournament has been a source of notable professional players that have played for both national and international teams.The competition is played for sporting, health, social and commercial reasons. The team officials and players are paid and this serves to boost their respective economic status to improve their standards of living. The tournament is organized by Kingdom officials and FUFA in order to grow football.

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Masaza Cup Launch

16 June 2023
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